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As a wedding photographer, I consider myself your storyteller. My job is at its best when I get to know you as a couple, what makes you tick, what your ideal Saturday morning looks like, where you’d love to travel, and all those other little things that define you and set you apart. When I do, I can capture images of your celebration in a way that feels like you.

Your wedding will be different from all the others because it’s about you and your people, and celebrating with those that you love most in the world. For some of you, a super sweet ceremony might be the most important thing, for others, you might want your wedding to feel like a simple, yet elegant family reunion, and for still others, you just can’t wait for the reception, to dance the night away with your friends.

It’s my job to understand you and your vision, and then to put all those things together to produce simple, beautiful images that, even in twenty years, will help you to remember what your day felt like, not just what it looked like.

I love that my job consists of observing and documenting quiet moments, keeping things light and making you laugh when things get stressful, tearing up at your ceremony, and capturing the look on your faces as your wedding party carries you around the dance floor.

Because things always run smoother when they are organized, we want to share our process with you — from our first interaction, to the moment we put your finished album into your hands.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that although posed family photos are important, that image of you and your dad high-fiving as you walk back up the aisle will always be completely priceless.

I’ve also learned that the images that really stick with you are those that capture simple and yet authentic interactions, because they truly represent the memory of those moments.   

Here’s how it works:


You found your soul mate and you are getting married, how special is that? We can’t wait to hear your story. We know that it’s important for your images to feel classic and worthy of hanging in a museum, while also truly looking like “you.”

Let’s get to know each other.


We sit in the studio and are enamored with people’s stories, how they are told— in books, through podcasts, with music and images— and how we should tell them.

We are obsessive about the experience people have with photography. We care. About all of it.

Here’s a little video where you can watch us work, in case you want to jump down the rabbit hole.


Planning a wedding is a lot, trust us, we know. You probably never thought you would have to choose between 10 different forks!

Our full-day wedding photography starts at $4800. We do weddings of all shapes and sizes— elopements, big affairs, just an intimate ceremony— so give us a call and we’ll work together to create something that’s just right for you.

Once you have the info you need, even if you still don’t know exactly what you want, getting on our calendar is easy. It’s as simple as taking care of the deposit to reserve your day— but don’t be a slow-poke, the calendar fills up quickly!


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There’s no pressure here— let’s just hang out for an hour or so and we’ll end up with some great images. You might think engagement portraits are cheesy, or you might be nervous about being in front of the camera. Don’t worry, we can make this as big or little of a production as you’d like. Either way, when I show up on your wedding day and you are in your underwear, it’ll be much less awkward!

Check out some engagement images here.


You’re in good hands. Enjoy it and be present— we’ll take care of the rest.



Before your wedding day, we’ll want to see images you like, learn all about your family drama, go over the timeline with you (to help make sure you get to pee before you get your dress on, or you have time to finish watching that Youtube video on how to tie a bowtie!). We can never have too much information. We’ll cross every t and dot every i— we’ll do everything we can ahead of time to make sure you can enjoy your wedding day.  


You’ve worked hard to plan and prepare. You’ve just had a wonderful wedding, you’ve got stunning images— so now let’s make sure the story of the two of you is preserved in a way that you can enjoy. And viola!— there’s nothing better than opening your album— one that’s been thoughtfully designed with your favorite images— all wrapped up in velvet, suede or leather inside an engraved maple box. Check out a gallery of album photos here.


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“Dev was amazing throughout the entire process. From helping us plan, to being able to loosen up two very camera shy people, she was a joy to work with. She made an effort to get to know us and understand our desires for the day, which clearly came through in her photography. Her images completely reflect us perfectly. It was such a pleasure to share our day with her. We recommend her for any special occasion.”

— Allie & Aaron