Little Lennon

It has been so awesome to watch Lennon grow into a little boy. He is almost the same age as my little Kyra and we hope they will soon be friends (so far, every time we hang out with Wes, Marina and Lennon, he and Kyra just ignore each other as babies often do-- while we try to make them play with each other). I have a 'year in the life' program where we do a portrait session three times over the course of the baby's first year and since Lennon recently had his first birthday, this was his third shoot. It's always so awesome to watch as the kids become more and more themselves! In addition to some pictures from our most recent shoot, I've also included some of Lennon's newborn and 6 month photos. The 6 month photos were taking in his mom Marina's awesome store--

Red Door Design

, here in Hailey. Enjoy!