The anatomy of an engagement shoot

Lucy Dylan Weddings recently chose to feature an engagement shoot that I did last summer. Liesl and Nowel are my favorite kind of clients to work with-- they are super creative and so their engagement shoot became a really fun collaboration!Check out the link to Lucy Dylan's feature here: thought it would be fun to talk about the process that we went through in creating the images. Liesl has done some work in fashion photography and Nowel (who is a graphic designer) sent me a 'mood board' with some images for inspiration.We wanted an old house for the backdrop, but weren't necessarily looking for a western look. After some scouting around town, I got the idea to use the Sun Valley Center for the Arts Hailey gallery in Hailey, a beautiful old home that has been restored for the Center's gallery space. With some help from my assistant Trina Benson, we had a blast in the house, photographing the couple in the beautiful old bedrooms and bathroom. Liesl is a stunning model, and both Liesl and Nowel have such style and grace, which made them a pleasure to work with!We also wanted an outdoor location that really captured the feeling of Idaho's high desert. Liesl and Nowel had a spot on the road down to Shoshone which was special to them because they had been there together when they had first started dating, so we decided to incorporate it in to the shoot as well.People are always coming up with creative ways to use their engagement images at the wedding and I loved what Liesl and Nowel chose to do with them-- simple and beautiful.