Kim & Mike's Engagement Photos

Kim and Mike both grew up in the valley, but didn't start dating until they met again in college. Now the couple has moved back to the valley and is planning a beautiful Redfish lake wedding for later in the summer. When it came time for their engagement photos, we had a hard time settling on a spot because there were so many fun options. Kim and Mike finally decided that they'd like to do something in the Bellevue triangle because Mike grew up on a farm there and the whole area really holds a lot of meaning for them. So we started our shoot overlooking Silvercreek and worked out way back up the valley. I had so much fun driving down with Lauren Malone (a local high school student who is interested in photography and came along to help on the shoot), scouting for fun spots. The Bellevue triangle really is a beautiful area and I had so much fun getting to know Mike and Kim, who are the sweetest couple! I'm really looking forward to their wedding in September!