Our spring trip to Portland and Hawaii

It is always so much fun to share photos of my family. For one thing, it's great to have a little extra nudge to help me get our photos edited (as of course our own photos are always the last ones that I work on), and for another, when I spend the time putting our images together, it always reinforces how much I really treasure having photos of my own family. As soon as I finish editing the images, I always make sure to have some prints made, because Gurmeet and I love to sit down with the kids and and pass the images around or look through an album, re-living the trips we have taken, or what one of the kids was like at a certain age. Here are some images from a trip we took this spring to visit some friends in Portland and Corvallis and then to the Big Island of Hawaii with Gurmeet's family.

One of the best things about these images is that they were all taken with a Fujifilm X-T1, which is this great mirror-less digital camera that I got a couple of months ago. I am horrible at bringing all my very large pro Nikon gear home with me to capture images of my own kids, and I wanted something smaller that I would be more inclined to take with me everywhere but was not a point and shoot and would still give me the ability to shoot on manual, etc. This trip was the test. I left my very large and heavy bag with all my gear at the studio and headed out with only a tiny little leather bag over my shoulder. A little scary to be going on a big trip without my gear, but I was determined to try it. The little Fujifilm camera was great, allowing me to travel light and still play with my photography, shooting on RAW and capturing high quality images. Don't get me wrong, there were lots of things I couldn't do without all my gear, but I feel like I may have finally solved the dilemma of how to travel light on trips and at home with the kids and still have a great camera with me! In case you are interested, here's an image of the new camera.

Anyway, here are some images from our trip-- enjoy!

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