Tamra + Jason Roth Winter Family Portraits

Every year I get to photograph Tamra, Jason and the girls. Over the years, we've done spring, summer and fall photos, but this was the first year that Tamra decided she would love to have a wintery holiday card. Of course, this was also the year we didn't get any snow early in the season. Of course that didn't stop us from having some fun and getting some sweet photos out of it all! Ainslie and Ashelyn, you girls are the best!And I have to say, whatever the time of year, I love the challenge of helping people find those spots that are just right. In this case-- a great spot in the shade, a pretty patch of ice, beautiful aspen branches with the sun shining through them. So to those who say you have to wait for the perfect day, with just the right amount of sun, or greenery, or fall colors, I say bring on the challenge-- there's always a good photo to be created, wherever and whenever you want to give it a shot. And of course, it helps to have a sweet family to photograph!