Brett Dennen comes to the Community School

I have always loved Brett Dennen's work. But after photographing him working with a small group of choir students at The Community School (and then performing with them for the rest of the school) last week, I love it even more. I am so lucky to get the opportunity to photograph amazing things like this as the photographer for the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. It was so inspiring to hear Brett Dennen talking to the kids about the music being an expression of who he really is, and how important it is to be true to yourself in your work. He really opened up to the kids, talking to them about being kind and standing up for people, and answered all sorts of cute questions from the audience. Of course, the crowd loved him and the kids all crowded around to talk to him afterwards. I love our little town, where kids in our schools get opportunities to work with and meet amazing artists-- thanks to the Sun Valley Center for the Arts!