Celebrating motherhood one moment at a time.

Hi, my name is Jenna and I have a confession to make….I’m a mom and often times I am down right tired. Like with all of us, my life is a swirling balancing act between family and work. I spend my days trying to juggle my priorities and always feeling pulled in multiple directions. Running my daughter to and from play dates, school activities, and sports. Staying engaged and present at work in a way that feels meaningful. Trying my best to get a healthy meal on the table each night. Quickly ushering a reluctant kid from dinner to bed so that we can get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

So it was when I tripped over my husband’s shoes in the middle of the hallway and spilled my coffee in my rush to get out the door that I forgot to say to my daughter on her way out to school “I love you. Have a great day.” In this daily survival mode thing for the past week (ahem, I mean 7 years)….I have moments where I am missing it…the joy of it all! Kids playing in our muddy yard and tracking it through the house-I have been trying to clean it up instead of reveling in the fullness of the moment.So I re-center.   I remember that mud, and slugs, and forts were once the coolest possible thing in the world and still should be. I remember that what is important in my life is being present for the flashes of the daily thoughts of a 7 year old. Like her solution to the flooding situation this morning... "Mom, let's just ask the beavers to build a dam up at Galena and then there would be lake to swim in and no one would get flooded."  I remember that this


the longest shortest time and I truly do love every second of it.How lucky am I that I get to come to work and help families capture their golden nuggets. On the days that I need a little reminder on what to focus on, I see

it all around me

in the beautiful images in Dev's studio. There it is...the pure beauty of a mother’s love frozen in time.

Celebrating Mother’s Day by sharing some of these beautiful joy bubbles that Dev has captured of moms in our little valley over the past few years. Happy remembering....