A Quick Trip to Cuba

I have wanted to go to Cuba for as long as I can remember.  So when a friend suggested that we go there for our annual no-kids trip, we jumped at the chance.  Cuba definitely lived up to the hype. I have never been to a communist country, and definitely not one that has been cut off from the rest of the world for so long, as Cuba has. Over the course of the four days that we were there, it was super interesting to piece together and slowly begin to understand the history and culture of Cuba and where it stands today.The trip was short (when you go on a trip without the kids, you only get so much time!), so we stayed in Havana—making the decision to try to really see the city, instead of rushing to try to see the whole country. We spent our days wandering the streets of Havana, eating (though the food was quite disappointing thanks to communism!), drinking (lots of rum to be sampled!), trying to perfect the art of smoking a cigar (I personally was not super talented in this area!), and of course photographing (such a treat!).  Here are some pictures from our trip—hope you enjoy them!