A Saturday with the Sammis Family

People always say to me—“you wouldn’t believe what happened at our house the other day! I wish you could have been there with your camera!” And I wish I could have been there too. Because those un-expected everyday moments are the ones I love to photograph. I was excited to spend a fun morning with Stephanie and Clay’s family doing just that! With three boys between the ages of 6 and 13, life at the Sammis home is far from boring. Just in the few hours I was hanging out, the kids did homework, jumped on their trampoline, played foosball, fed their pet iguana, and took a bike ride to the skate park in town (among other things)!  This is life everyday at their house (and mine and yours too I suspect.) A beautiful mix of chaos and calm. And these are some of the important moments- the ones we want to remember. And so, we are introducing the “Story of You”- a lifestyle photography session documenting the ordinary moments in your life. The unscripted, real flashes of life that can slip by unnoticed. It’s your story and I will you help tell it. It can just be you hanging out with your family being you. We can do a lazy morning at home or we can go on a hike or a bike ride. I can photograph you making breakfast, reading books, sledding, nursing, or chasing the chickens. You can be picking carrots in the garden, taking a trip to the grocery store, jumping in puddles or giving the kids a bath.Whatever it is that fills your day and makes your family glow, let me tag along to capture your story today so that you can look back and remember it tomorrow...."The Story of You."